The Psychological War Zone: The Children of Narcissists Face These 5 Consequences In Adulthood

Self-Care Haven by Shahida Arabi

Photograph by Annie Spratt

By Shahida Arabi

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Much of society associates the terms “trauma” and “PTSD” with war veterans. Yet we forget about the children who grow up in war zones at home, who suffer psychological scarring at vulnerable developmental stages of their lives. Neglect, mistreatment, abandonment and/or any form of sexual, emotional and physical abuse (such as the type imposed by toxic, narcissistic parents) have been proven by research such as the Adverse Childhood Experiences study to leave an impact that is destructive and long-lasting.

As trauma expert Bessel van Der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score notes, our brains can literally be rewired for fear when it comes to childhood abuse. Studies have confirmed that parental verbal aggression has an impact on key areas of the brain related to learning, memory, decision-making…

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Bright and Vivid Hearts of Gold

Love the theme

Imagine Blog

Imagine’s theme for the month of February is “Heart of Gold.” Our artist have met the challenge with  bright and vivid colors as well as the narrative element the theme evokes. Alison Heikkia went for a super bright alternative card blending neon pink, yellow and coral with gold shimmer. While Tenia Nelson utilized white space to focus the eye on a gorgeous geometric embossed heart and using the direct sentiment “You have a Heart of Gold”.


Alison started off by dotting 3 Radiant Neon reinker colors onto a palette. She then brayered to blend them, and then rolled the brayer across the cardstock. Using a combination of Fireworks, Lightning Black Brilliance and Delicata, Alison went all in to add shimmer. Notice the gold edging is simply her fingerprints. Gush! Alison’s card base was sprayed with Sweet Plum Fireworks! then edged with Golden Glitz ink and Sweet Plum Memento marker.



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